Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Cat: Shannon
Chanelle : Ashley
Anna: Jaime - Leigh


Cat and Ashley walk up to  Anna and tease her.
C: “you are dumb”

A “and ugly”

Anna talks to herself “its okay anna just use your wits and don’t cry ”

The bully’s walk up to her and push her in the mud.

Anna starts crying and runs to tell a teacher. The bully’s laugh at anna.

Anna tells the teacher

A: “ Ashley & Cat were calling me names and pushed me in the mud”

Teacher: “those girls are always up to trouble, send them here”

Anna walks over to Kate and Ashley.
A: “You both need to go to the teacher”

C & A: “hi mrs wallace.  what’s  the problem?

Teacher:  “have you girls been bullying poor anna here?”


M: go and hang out and you might have a lot in common.

Narrator:The teacher made cat and ashley play with anna and they found out that they had a lot in common and they became friends.

The end